Monday, 20 March at 11:00 AM  ●  Shutterstock Stage

Risky Business? The Art Of Reinvention

A 2017 study from The Lighthouse Company highlights a staggering 39% of industry leaders have recently considered reinventing themselves professionally in a new sector. Join Lighthouse founder Kathleen Saxton and three individuals who have shown the courage, tenacity and ambition required to take such a career-changing leap of faith: Anna Jones (former CEO of Hearst UK, now founder of AllBright), Kate Thornton (former TV presenter, now founder of TBSeen) and Rev. Richard Coles (ex-Communard turned vicar). View More

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Kathleen Saxton Founder The Lighthouse Company & Psyched
Anna Jones Co-Founder AllBright
Reverend Richard Coles Vicar of Finedon The Church of England
Kate Thornton Founder & Editor-in-Chief TBSeen
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