8:00 AM  ●  Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club The Guardian Leadership Breakfast: What's next for the news
feat. David Pemsel, Matt Brittin, Kathleen Saxton
9:15 AM  ●  Stage 3 Business & Creativity Academy
feat. Daniele Fiandaca, Hannah Mirza, James Wildman, Karen Stacey, Liz Rutgersson, Stuart Flint, James Brown, Nadya Powell, Sue Unerman, Tony Foggett, Jim Kelly, Mark Earls, Scott Morrison, Emma Perkins, Victoria White
9:45 AM  ●  The Guardian Stage AI Track Introduction
feat. Steven Wolfe Pereira
9:45 AM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Daniel Fisher
10:00 AM  ●  IPA Stage Top Of Your Game: Sport On Instagram
feat. Sunil Singhvi, Russell Stopford, Nick Lewis
10:00 AM  ●  The Guardian Stage The Risks and Rewards of AI
feat. Lianna Brinded, Tabitha Goldstaub, Vince Lynch, Russ Shaw
10:15 AM  ●  Stage 1 Unstereotyped: Michael Roth and Farrah Storr
feat. Farrah Storr, Michael Roth
10:15 AM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Ross Barnes
10:30 AM  ●  Workshop Stage Success in a Mobile-First World
feat. David Duffield, John Walker
10:30 AM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Axel Steinman
10:45 AM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Liz Jones
10:50 AM  ●  The Guardian Stage AI Case Study: 1-to-1 with Everyone
feat. Vince Lynch
10:55 AM  ●  The Guardian Stage Why advertising needs a cultural change to unlock data driven marketing
feat. Lindsay Pattison, Robert Horler
11:00 AM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Haiyan Zhang
11:15 AM  ●  Stage 1 Nicola Mendelsohn in conversation with Nicole Scherzinger
feat. Nicole Scherzinger, Nicola Mendelsohn CBE
11:15 AM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Anna Jones
11:30 AM  ●  NewGen Stage Open the mind wide and say AR
feat. Richard Nockles
11:30 AM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Karen Stacey
11:35 AM  ●  IPA Stage Secrets of Producing Best Value TV commercials
feat. Steve Davies, James Bland, Jani Guest, Rupert Reynolds-Maclean
11:35 AM  ●  The Guardian Stage Listen up! Voice-first Marketing is Calling
feat. Mukul Devichand, Patrick Givens, Jenna Pelkey, James Poulter
11:35 AM  ●  The Guardian Stage 66 Days to GDPR: Preparing for GDPR and Examining Its Potential Impact
feat. Doug McPherson, James Fenelon
12:00 PM  ●  Stage 3 Curious Conversations: The Global Crisis of Trust
feat. Kerin O'Connor, Bobby Duffy, Dara Nasr, Carol Potter
12:00 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Melanie Cook
12:15 PM  ●  NewGen Stage Inspiration & Impact with Tech4Good
feat. Hector Minto, Haiyan Zhang, Emma Lawton
12:15 PM  ●  Stage 1 Fighting talk: the art of criticism vs the death of expertise
feat. John Harris, Grace Dent, Miranda Sawyer, Polly Toynbee
12:25 PM  ●  IPA Stage Targeted TV
feat. Thomas Bremond, Barry John, Josep Mitjà, Jakob Nielsen
1:00 PM  ●  NewGen Stage Advertising Futures: Connecting Industry and Academia
feat. Andrea Andreeva Andreeva, Andy Imrie, Maria Galassi, Victoria Kironde, Zuzanna Deptula - Dagis , Dr. Paul Caplan, Chaira Dalla Rosa, Ellie Malpas, Savanna Meng, Philip Sun
1:15 PM  ●  Stage 1 Margot James in Conversation
feat. Allister Heath, Margot James MP, Nick Hugh
1:20 PM  ●  Stage 3 66 Days to GDPR: Preparing for GDPR & Examining its Potential Impacts
feat. James Fenelon, Doug McPherson, Rebecca Stewart
1:30 PM  ●  Workshop Stage How To Be Human
feat. Samuel Akesson
1:35 PM  ●  TechX presented by The Telegraph Andrei Danescu , Co-founder and CEO , BotsAndUs
1:40 PM  ●  The Guardian Stage AI and Marketing: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
feat. Alexei Kounine
1:45 PM  ●  NewGen Stage NextGen: Conversations With
feat. Iain Tait, Rachel Clancy
1:45 PM  ●  The Guardian Stage Easy come, easy go: The disruption of loyalty
feat. Megan Caywood, Dan Robinson, Ben Carter, Ben Spencer
1:50 PM  ●  TechX presented by The Telegraph James Hunter, Director, Directional Audio
1:55 PM  ●  IPA Stage Insights from the World's Most Passionate Audience: Football Fans
feat. James Anderson, Andres Cardenas, Stephen Hutchinson, Joel Seymour-Hyde
2:00 PM  ●  Stage 3 What Ken Fawes Taught Us
feat. Jon Mew, Christie Dennehy-Neil, Martin Galvin, Nick Hewat
2:00 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Steve Clayton
2:05 PM  ●  TechX presented by The Telegraph Ana Iorga , Founder, Buyer Brain
2:15 PM  ●  Stage 1 The Call of Duty with Ant Middleton - Leading Under Fire
feat. Kathleen Saxton, Ant Middleton
2:20 PM  ●  TechX presented by The Telegraph Daniel Riddell , Advisor , Decent
2:30 PM  ●  NewGen Stage Interview with Sir Alan Parker: From Ad Creative to Movie Director
feat. Sir Alan Parker, Mike Burgess
2:30 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Blake Spiers
2:35 PM  ●  IPA Stage The Royal Rumble
feat. Jonathan M. Perelman, Nick Hurrell, Duncan McMonagle, Sophie Robinson
2:35 PM  ●  Stage 3 Brand Safety: How do we all Change Advertising for Good?
feat. Steve Wing, Phil Duffield, Susan Hansford, Ben Walmsley, Charlie Glyn
2:35 PM  ●  The Guardian Stage Augmented Intelligence: Making Magic with Machines
feat. Melanie Cook, Sarah Golding
2:35 PM  ●  TechX presented by The Telegraph Charlie Byrne , CEO & Co-Founder , Engager
2:45 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Samuel Akesson
3:15 PM  ●  IPA Stage The Rise of the Chief Production Officer
feat. Clare Donald
3:15 PM  ●  NewGen Stage Half Vicar, Half Assassin: The Life of Tony Brignull
feat. Petra Andersson, Phil Le Brun, Twyla Lidén, Joe Sare, Darius Rodrigues
3:15 PM  ●  Stage 1 George Osborne in Conversation
feat. Anne McElvoy, George Osborne
3:20 PM  ●  IPA Stage Improve Your Score: What's Next in Sports Marketing?
feat. Antony Marcou, Matthew Baxter, Sally Burtt-Jones, Chris Ricketts, Sarah Dawson
3:20 PM  ●  The Guardian Stage Everyday AI
feat. Steve Clayton
3:30 PM  ●  Stage 3 Vertical Series: Retail
feat. Bill Fisher, Lisa Campbell, Nic Jones, Andrew Darby, Kate Newton, Vicki Maguire, Andrew French, Cave Ellson, Claire Heys, Rob Weston, Stephanie Osiol
3:30 PM  ●  TechX presented by The Telegraph Startup Summit: Pitch Day 1
feat. Paul Dalton, Jim Kite, Giles Palmer, Lauren Quigley
3:30 PM  ●  Workshop Stage The AutoTrader Story of Digital Transformation
feat. Steve Chester, Lei Sorvisto
4:00 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Clare Donald
4:10 PM  ●  The Guardian Stage Ditch your Agency, Hire an AI
feat. Tom Ollerton
4:15 PM  ●  IPA Stage Experiential Marketing: The most powerful brand building tool in your arsenal
feat. Katie Kempner, Jessica Reznick, Raquel Bubar, Charles Spence
4:15 PM  ●  NewGen Stage Degrees of Separation: Looking for a New Industry-Academy Model
feat. Paul Brazier, Valentin-Traian Crisan , Dr. Paul Caplan, Amber Burton, Charlotte Cramer, Tom Curtis, Paul Drake, Steve Spence
4:15 PM  ●  Stage 1 The Rory Reprise
feat. Rory Sutherland
4:15 PM  ●  The Guardian Stage From Hype to the Here and Now (and How to Capitalise on It)
feat. Dave Reed, Derick Wiesner
4:15 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Matthew Baxter
4:30 PM  ●  Workshop Stage Beyond GDPR
feat. Fedelma Good, Sacha Wilson, Tanya Joseph, Rob French, Sonia Poonian
4:30 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Suki Thompson
5:00 PM  ●  The Guardian Stage Marketing Artificial Intelligence
feat. Andrew Garrihy, Vicki Holgate
5:05 PM  ●  IPA Stage Masters of Monetising Content
feat. Ruth Mortimer, Kristin Cardwell, Kevin McGurn, Stefan Mölling, Kate Slesinger
5:15 PM  ●  Stage 1 Empire Presents
feat. Edgar Wright, Terri White
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