We are a not for profit membership body representing UK advertisers. Our members serve on the Council, Executive and Action and Working Groups. We have a team of full time expert staff helping to develop policy and ensuring the right to advertise responsibly.

Our formal Governance structure is through a Council and President appointed at the AGM, held in July. An Executive Committee of members works with the full time directors to develop and implement policy. Members are at the heart of all we do.

The Incorporated Society of British Advertisers Ltd is our formal name under which our accounts are lodged with Companies House. The Council members are our company directors. We are more usually known as ISBA – the Voice of British Advertisers. Our articles of association can be seen here.

Our Memorandum of Association from 4 July 2006 and our Articles of Assoicaiton as amended on 1 July 2008 are available here.


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David Ellison
Marketing Services Manager
Debbie Morrison
Director of Consultancy & Best Practice
Traci Dunne
Consultancy Manager
Mark Finney
Director of Media & Advertising


Considering an Alternative Pitch Process

Tuesday, 21 March at 12:30 PM ● Workshop Stage

The Rise Of The In-House Agency

Wednesday, 22 March at 4:00 PM ● IPA Centenary Stage

Will The Coalition For 'Better Ads' Kill Ad Blocking Or End In Glorious Failure?

Thursday, 23 March at 3:30 PM ● The Guardian Stage

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