Introducing the MarTech Track at #AWEurope


With the average UK household owning 7 connected devices, marketers face the unprecedented challenge of being where their customers are at all times. Come and see how they are rising to the challenge by using digital to build connections and provide memorable customer experiences, from the first touch point to the very last. The MarTech Track highlights include:

  • Converging Adtech and MarTech is Hard, But Worth the Work. Join MediaMath VP of Global Marketing Emma Williams, to discuss the promise of interoperable technology stacks that allow you to centralise budget and workflow and get a holistic view of your customers. On The Guardian stage at 1:50 PM, Thursday 22nd March.
  • Discover how Danone remains consumer centric and effortlessly adapts to this radically different marketing paradigm. See how your brand can use digital tools that create the best experiences for your customers on The Guardian Stage, 2:35 PM, Thursday 22nd March.
  • What does the future of search look like? From the user-tailored fulfilment capabilities of devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home to discovering billions of ideas made possible by Pinterest’s visual search technologies, it is clear that emerging search tools are quickly rendering the keyboard obsolete. Join brands like Google, Microsoft, and Pinterest on stage as they share their predictions. The Guardian Stage, 4:15 PM, Thursday 22nd March.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Advertising Week Europe calendar. Passes to #AWEurope 2018 are available now.

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