Introducing The Creative Storytellers Track at #AWEurope


Creative people have a habit of adapting to new platforms and mediums. It’s in their blood.  It’s part of creativity; Operating outside of the tried and tested. And with more platforms than you can shake a stick at, the possibility of storytelling is seemingly endless. Creators, creatives, and brands find themselves in the palm of consumers hands. A wrestling match for attention ensues.

Come and see for yourself the work that stands out on The Creative Storytellers Track. Highlights include:

  • Designing Stories Without Unconscious Bias. Learn from The R/GA design model about how you can understand the context, environment & mind-set of users in order to create conscious ecosystems. Jen Heazlewood will guide us through the process on the IPA Stage at 1:55 PM, Thursday 22nd March.
  • See how storytelling is adapted for the big screen. Join DCM's Head of Film Tom Linay, who will host a Q&A with leading Film-Maker Ben Wheatley, discussing highlights from his career to date, recent film projects, how to bring compelling stories to the big screen and what’s next.
  • Microsoft believes mixed reality will have a large part to play in our future reality. It's another platform on which to tell stories. Learn how Microsoft HoloLens can capture life in amazing volumetric detail, a true step change in realism. And how Red Bull is utilising the new technology to showcase extreme sports. All will be revealed on the IPA Stage at 4:15 PM, Thursday 22nd March.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Advertising Week Europe calendar. Passes to #AWEurope 2018 are available now.

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