#AWEurope Recap: Women’s Sport - Kick-Starting a Revolution, Presented by The Telegraph


At Advertising Week Europe this week Paul Hayward, Chief Sports Writer for the Telegraph sat in conversation with Judy Murray, Dina Asher-Smith, British Athletics, Maggie Alphonsi MBE, Rugby World Cup Winner and Mims Davies, Minister for Sport.

The session launched a new editorial initiative by The Telegraph addressing the under-representation of women’s sport and announcing a new manifesto commitment to improving visibility of women’s sport in the media.

The discussion focused heavily how improved diversity in the coverage of sports will positively influence all levels of participation and involvement from school teams to international levels of competition. The panel emphasised that sports journalism is written by men, for men, which creates a narrow scope of what is deemed newsworthy or exciting, often neglecting impressive achievements of women.

Another key issue was one of investment and local engagement. Jude Murray and Mims Davies stressed how on a grassroot level girls sports teams lack the funding and attention, often lacking the kits and equipment afforded to their male counterpart. The panel discussed how a multi–pronged approach is needed to overcome how women are overlooked in the industry, spanning from local councils, to central government, and engaged businesses.

The panel concluded with a discussion on why changing the conversation around ‘femininity’ is so crucial in overcoming stereotypes, and how an increase in exposure for female athletes and teams can transcend the narrative that femininity and an involvement in sport are mutually exclusive.

Want to hear more? Watch the full session here: 
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