The AWE Marketing Academy Boot Camp

Returning in 2019, Advertising Week Europe is bringing you The Marketing Academy Boot Camp. Open to all Delegates on an RSVP basis, this exciting, full-day opportunity was created for rising stars and marketing leaders to come together for a unique learning experience.




The Marketing Academy Boot Camp is an immersive all day learning experience designed to enable you to leave as a stronger leader and better marketer.

21st March 2018

During this packed day you’ll hear from CMO’s and emerging industry leaders. You’ll boost your leadership skills, understand how to engage your teams, stakeholders and clients, gain insight into the minds of CMO’s and challenge yourself to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be. Learn how to get comfortable with being vulnerable, why honesty beats artifice, how culture eats strategy for breakfast and why marketing and advertising can change the world.

About the Marketing Academy

The Marketing Academy is a not-for-profit organisation founded in the UK in 2010, Australia in 2015 and USA 2018. We identify and develop exceptional talent in Marketing, Communications, Media & Advertising by providing a forum for C-Suite executives, marketing experts, business leaders and coaches to inspire, develop and mentor an entire generation of future leaders.

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